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Strengthening public investment management

The objective of this subcomponent is to improve the quality of public investment. The subcomponent will capacity building activities, including the following:

  1. An assessment of current government capacity with reference to the eight “must-have” features of a well-functioning public investment system and development of a PIM action plan to address the main issues identified by the assessment – with a focus on the water sector (hydropower, water and sanitation);
  2. Technical assistance and training for implementing the PIM action plan, including in the following areas:
    1. Processes and tools for preparing and appraising projects;
    2. Self-assessment of PIM systems to increase the productivity of investments in the water sector
    3. Project implementation, including procurement, contract management, monitoring of progress, and verification as ‘fit for purpose
    4. Asset management, including monitoring the condition of infrastructure assets and adequate operational and maintenance; and
  3. Technical assistance for developing and implementing an integrated water resources management strategic plan for the productive utilization of public assets. The strategic plan would be based on an analysis of the revenue potential and economic benefits of potential investments with a view to mobilizing financing from the public and private sectors.
  4. (results-based financing subcomponent).

Skills development for government officials, especially those from departments that participate in project activities. This will include training and knowledge sharing with other provinces and countries. Training will comprise certification courses in financial management, procurement, project management, and M&E as well as training in development planning and leadership development. The courses will be delivered by local institutes and in a few cases international institutions for specific skills and technical needs to ensure sustainable training capacity.