The 4th meeting of Citizen Integration Forum (CIF) was held on 5th April 2018 in Local Hotel Peshawar under auspices of KP RTS Commission. The Governance & Policy Project of Multi-Donors Trust Funds under Planning & Development Department, Government of KP is providing assistance to the authorities of grievance redressal under its programme component. The service deliveries authorities have discussed different issues being faced by the civil society. The RTS commission has approved the services to the person with disabilities in the list of notified services on the demand of members of CIF.
The forum has been informed that the RTS commission has already notified three new services including Vehicle registration, transfer, land demarcation and document registration in speculated time.
The ombudsman office has taken notice of the problems being faced by the disable during registration certificate of the persons with disabilities. The disables representative Miss Shakeela Bano has demanded of the government to provide them one window operation for the registration of the disables. The director General ombudsman office will tackle this demands of the disables.
Senior officials of KP Government Authorities working for Grievance Redressal including RTI & RTS Commissions, Ombudsman, WSSP, Human Rights Directorate, and Human Rights Cell of Peshawar High Court met with the Civil Society including representatives from NGOs, Disables, Lawyers, and Educations in the Forum.
Further, the forum decided to include the Director Social welfare, Women development, and Local elected representatives in hosting bodies.